I Squared connects technology vendors with hardware and software companies building world class products and services.

Any good sales force knows how to sell the products they have today, but few can challenge the status quo to define the next generation of design for their customers.

I Squared has guided our customers and suppliers through an ever changing technology landscape for over 40 years to earn the role of trusted advisors.

Our premiere technology partnerships enable access to executives and visionaries at the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley.

This access provides invaluable insights to our customers and suppliers, giving them the tools necessary to solve the problems of tomorrow before they arise.

Sales Philosophy

The I Squared Flywheel

I Squared’s sales philosophy is best exemplified by a flywheel, constantly building momentum to drive innovation for our customers and suppliers.


Premier Partnerships

Critical technologies with real impact on success.

Executive Access

Decision makers who can challenge the status quo.

Key Insights

Go beyond immediate needs to align roadmaps for future requirements.

Market Perspective

Macro and Micro trends to navigate changing landscape.


The implementation of our sales philosophy requires a quickly trainable, nimble minded, and diverse sales force. I Squared is focused on hiring employees with the ability to adapt to today’s complex technology paradigm shifts.

With this approach, we have produced a successful track record of complex sales from components to full turnkey systems.

We emphasize diversity of mindsets in an effort to foster insights from different perspectives: both young and seasoned salespeople from technical and business backgrounds.


Doug Mouch

VP & Managing Partner
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Benton Winkelman

VP & Managing Partner
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Aric Davis

VP & Managing Partner
Patrick LI

Patrick Hill

VP & Managing Partner

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